Apply for the Yogini Winter Ashram in India 2019

Dear Sister,

We are so happy that you want to join us in India!

We have limited space and we ask each woman to fill out an application form in order to ensure that we all are aligned with the intention of the retreat.

In order for us to fully immerse in the depths that are calling us, we ask each woman joining this retreat to bring an exceptional level of commitment and responsibility to her seat in the circle. The retreat follows a firm and full schedule which all women must agree to follow. We ask that each woman attending surrender to the structured environment and show up for all sessions on time.

Please note:

:: This is a pilgrimage and every step of the journey is the process. You may experience challenging weather conditions, miscommunication, cultural differences and other unexpected challenges. The retreat center will serve simple vegetarian food and customer service will likely not fit western standards. We ask you to meet all of it as an opportunity to practice and that you bring a flexible, complaint-free, open mind to any challenges you may experience. We expect a high level of maturity from each Yogini in the circle and ask that you treat all the people and animals you meet with kindness and respect.

:: A part of the practice in the retreat will be done on your own without guidance and several days of the retreat will be in silence. We ask you not to apply if you have never been on a silent retreat or feel that you need a lot of personal attention and guidance. Although there will be ample support from highly trained staff and from the circle, you are expected to be able to hold presence for yourself and take 100% responsibility for yourself through the intensity of the Shakti practices.

:: Because of the intensity of the Shakti practices in the circle and the strength required to travel to India, we ask that each woman applying be in good mental and physical health. For this reason, the retreats are unsuitable for anyone who has current history with mental illness, working through severe trauma or crisis, or needing therapeutic/one-on-one support.

:: We will assign each woman small, practical temple tasks during the retreat so that everyone can have the experience of what it means to create a sacred space and container for our practices.

If you are applying for the Yogini Initiation Retreat:

:: Our Winter Ashram in India is for women who already have an in-depth knowledge and experience of the Yogini path in the Awakening Women practice community.

:: Know you will go through a formal initiation ceremony during the retreat, so you need to have practiced with us long term so that you fully know what you are initiated into. Although the Yogini path is universal, in this retreat we practice in the spirit of the Awakening Women Institute guided by Chameli Ardagh. This is an initiation process for women who already know that this is their path and want to take a step into more committed practice.

Please fill in the application form below.

We will let you know if this is a fit within a few days of receiving your application.

With Love,
Karen (Event Coordinator for Awakening Women)
& Dominique (Retreat Organizer)

I have read the above information and agree to take 100% responsibility for myself and my practice in the Yogini Winter Ashram in India.

Yogini Winter Ashram Application Form

I wish to apply for:

The Full 21 Day Yogini Winter Ashram
Into the Heart of Durga
Yogini Initiation Retreat

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Do you have any history with mental illness or are you currently using any mood altering medications, have any injuries or anything else that might influence your presence in the retreat?

Any other comments?

Cancellation Policy:

Note: Your application is not complete and you will not be considered unless the deposit is paid. If you do not get accepted, we will refund your deposit in full. Once you are accepted, your deposit is binding and subject to the terms below.

*In case of cancellation before November 1st, we will keep 50% of your deposit as an administration fee. In case of cancellation between November 1st and January 1st, we will keep 100% of your deposit. The remaining payments need to be received by January 1st at the latest, or you will lose your place and the deposit.

Awakening Women Institute is financially responsible for the retreat, so we kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.

I accept the cancellation policy.